Toronto Housing Market Facing High Degree of Vulnerability

While Toronto’s housing market has inevitably shown signs of cooling, the city’s housing segment is continuing to face a high degree of vulnerability to market instability. According to a recent Housing Market Assessment (HMA) released by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), two of Canada’s largest housing markets, Toronto and Vancouver, are susceptible to […]

Are You Self-Employed? Well, Qualifying For A Mortgage Is About To Get Easier For You…

Are you struggling to obtain a mortgage because of the new lending guidelines that were implemented at the beginning of the year? Well, if you’re self-employed, qualifying for a mortgage is about to get… a little bit easier. Predominantly due to varying and unpredictable income levels, Canadians who are self-employed have consistently struggled to obtain […]

Housing Affordability Is at Crisis Levels in Vancouver, Is Toronto Next?

Affordability has been a major topic of concern in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada’s largest markets. According to a new report, Vancouver affordability is at a critical level while Toronto’s affordability still poses a major challenge despite improvement. RBC released their Housing Trends and Affordability report earlier this week, and illustrates that while the affordability measure […]