Are You Self-Employed? Well, Qualifying For A Mortgage Is About To Get Easier For You…

Are you struggling to obtain a mortgage because of the new lending guidelines that were implemented at the beginning of the year? Well, if you’re self-employed, qualifying for a mortgage is about to get… a little bit easier. Predominantly due to varying and unpredictable income levels, Canadians who are self-employed have consistently struggled to obtain […]

Housing Affordability Is at Crisis Levels in Vancouver, Is Toronto Next?

Affordability has been a major topic of concern in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada’s largest markets. According to a new report, Vancouver affordability is at a critical level while Toronto’s affordability still poses a major challenge despite improvement. RBC released their Housing Trends and Affordability report earlier this week, and illustrates that while the affordability measure […]

Is The Housing Market Still One Of The Biggest Vulnerabilities To Our Economy?

The Bank of Canada released its Financial System Review last week, and while instability in the housing market, alongside high household debt, remains to be one of the biggest vulnerabilities to Canada’s economy, there may be subtle signs of easing. Government interventions, such as higher interest rates and tighter mortgage lending guidelines, have played a […]