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Canada’s Housing Market Still Considered Highly Vulnerable, Will It Ever Ease?

Despite decelerating home prices, Canada’s housing market is still considered “highly vulnerable” according to a recent Housing Market Assessment (HMA) by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). The HMA, which measures four main factors that contribute to housing market volatility (overheating, price acceleration, overvaluation, and overbuilding), has continued to indicate a high degree of vulnerability […]

Toronto Housing Market Facing High Degree of Vulnerability

While Toronto’s housing market has inevitably shown signs of cooling, the city’s housing segment is continuing to face a high degree of vulnerability to market instability. According to a recent Housing Market Assessment (HMA) released by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), two of Canada’s largest housing markets, Toronto and Vancouver, are susceptible to […]

Are You Self-Employed? Well, Qualifying For A Mortgage Is About To Get Easier For You…

Are you struggling to obtain a mortgage because of the new lending guidelines that were implemented at the beginning of the year? Well, if you’re self-employed, qualifying for a mortgage is about to get… a little bit easier. Predominantly due to varying and unpredictable income levels, Canadians who are self-employed have consistently struggled to obtain […]