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Housing Affordability Is at Crisis Levels in Vancouver, Is Toronto Next?

Affordability has been a major topic of concern in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada’s largest markets. According to a new report, Vancouver affordability is at a critical level while Toronto’s affordability still poses a major challenge despite improvement. RBC released their Housing Trends and Affordability report earlier this week, and illustrates that while the affordability measure […]

Excessive Regulations And Barriers To Development Are Costing Canadian Home Buyers An Extra $200,000: New Study

Outdated zoning bylaws, deferrals on permit approvals, amplified development charges, and land-use restrictions in Southern Ontario’s Greenbelt, have added nearly $168,000 to single-detached homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and $644,000 in Vancouver – the two (already) priciest cities in Canada. According to a new study released last week by C.D. Howe Institute, government […]