February Home Sales Dropped 35% in the GTA

Homes sales across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) saw a steep decline in February, when compared to the same time last year. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board’s (TREB) latest report released earlier today, figures show there were only 5,175 residential transactions reported through TREB’s MLS® System in February 2018, this number was down […]

2.9% Increase on Residential Property Tax

On Monday, Toronto city council passed an $11.12 billion operating budget, which includes a 2.1% increase in residential property tax. Residents, however, will have to pay an additional 0.5% for the city’s build fund (which supports infrastructure projects) as well as an extra 0.31% towards the enhancement of Toronto’s business climate and reassessment impact, totalling […]

The New Age Of YIMBY-ism

The rise of the ‘YIMBY’ movement is becoming increasingly prominent as more millennials are making their voice heard. In contrast to the well-known NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) movement, which categorizes those who oppose development projects that take place in their neighbourhood, YIMBY (YES In My Backyard) supports those development projects. In the eyes of […]

Toronto Homes Sales Plunge 22%

It was a rough month for Toronto home sales, which saw a 22% downfall to 4,019 units sold in comparison to year prior, which was sitting at a record setting 5,155 sales. The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) released data earlier this week, stating this was the weakest month of sales for January since 2009. […]